As Indians, our diverse cultural heritage, our traditions, our forms of art is our pride. Naturally, when we move home across oceans, along with two suitcases of carefully selected material items, we carry with us our art, culture and traditions – our “Parampara” and strive to keep the flame alive through generations!

Parampara School of Music, an affiliate of Sarbhabhartiya Sangit o Sanskriti Parishad (SSSP), is a music school based out of Connecticut, USA. True to its name, Parampara, is an institute that carries on the tradition of Indian music, in a land far from their origin, and in fact gives it new roots by spreading the love and appreciation of the Indian music amongst local people and our next generation.

The Parampara school of Music provides vocal training in various genres of Indian music. Its students, located all over the country, ranging from the age of six to sixty from little kindergarteners walked-in by their music-loving parents to mature adults with significant prior training looking to further hone their musical skills!

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